The Weakest Link legend Anne Robinson has disclosed that she's distributed her wealth to avoid it falling into the hands of the taxman upon her death.

The 79 year old broadcaster, who is believed to have accumulated a whopping £50 million from her extensive career, stated that she's "given it away" to her daughter and grandchildren to dodge substantial taxes.

Anne has expressed that she's "spread" her money around to spare her family from having to pay tax when she passes away.

The standard Inheritance Tax rate stands at 40% over the value of £325,000, although there are some exceptions. According to the government website, some gifts given while the person is alive may be taxed after their death.

Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson has shared that she has given her £50million fortune away to her family

Depending on when it was given, 'taper relief' might mean the Inheritance Tax charged on the gift is less than 40%.

Anne is a mother to Emma Wilson, 43, from her marriage to Charles Wilson. She is also a grandmother to Hudson, 14, and Parker, 13, reports the Mirror.

Speaking to Saga magazine, Anne revealed: "I've given it all away. I don't want the taxman to have it. I've spread it about quite a lot, to the children. They may as well enjoy it now."

Anne Robinson
Anne Robinson is best-known for appearing on TV gameshow, The Weakest Link

The former Countdown host confessed she has "genuinely no idea" if she is worth £50 million. She maintained that she doesn't "want for much" and "can't think there's anything I really want except my good health and the family happiness".

Anne resides in a Grade II-listed, converted 18th-century Cotswolds barn and also owns two properties in New York. One is located on the high-end shopping street Fifth Avenue and the other in the affluent area of The Hamptons.

The TV star has recently confirmed that she is dating Andrew Parker Bowles, the Queen's former husband. This follows rumours circulating about a blossoming love affair between the ex-Weakest Link host and the retired 84 year old military officer.

The confirmation came in an interview with Saga magazine, where Anne simply stated: "Yes. Full stop. Mind your own business."

Andrew is the ex husband of Queen Camilla
Anne recently confirmed that she is dating Andrew Parker Bowles, the ex husband of Queen Camilla

Anne was previously wed to Charles Wilson, a former journalist and newspaper executive, until their divorce in 1973, and then John Penrose, whom she separated from in 2007. Andrew tied the knot with Queen Camilla back in 1973, becoming parents to Tom and Laura before they split in 1995.

King Charles, who ended his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales in 1996, married Camilla in a ceremony at Windsors Guildhall in April 2005. Despite their past, Camilla and Andrew have maintained a cordial friendship, with Andrew securing an invite to the King's coronation as a sign of their continued amicability.

It's believed Anne met with Camilla's former spouse through a shared acquaintance and despite coming from disparate backgrounds, they quickly bonded. Rumour has it that Andrew charmed the renowned host with his cooking skills and insiders say the two "get on splendidly".

OK! has contacted Anne Robinson's reps for comment.