Louise Thompson has bravely opened up on her 'traumatic' childbirth experience. In a candid interview with YOU Magazine, the reality TV star heartbreakingly confessed her childbirth 'destroyed everything good in her life'.

The former Made In Chelsea star tragically admits feeling like she 'wishes she was dead' after the birth of her son, Leo. In the interview,

Leo was born on November 15, 2021 - a year after Louise experienced a miscarriage in 2020. During the birth, she had to undergo an emergency caesarean section.

Unfortunately, the procedure didn't go as planned, and she was awake throughout the ordeal. The TV icon says the surgery caused her to 'bleed significantly' after it tore her womb.

Louise Thompson and Ryan Libbey
Louise Thompson shares Leo with her partner Ryan Libbey

She admitted it was difficult for her to even glance at her newborn baby after the distressing delivery. She also confessed to having concerns about her partner leaving her.

However, she says: "What I’ve been through has made me a better parent." Louise posted about the interview on Instagram to her 1.4 million followers.

Alongside a picture of the magazine's front cover, where she holds Leo in her arm, she wrote: "Childbirth destroyed everything good in my life."

She added: "I slightly freaked out when I read those words (you don’t get approval on these sorts of things). But that’s probably because I haven’t seen them written out in this way before.

"I can’t argue with them though. I meant those words when I said them. It’s sad, but true. No way to sugar coat it."

Thousands of people took to the comment section to send messages of love and support to Louise. One fan replied: "Don’t freak out. This is honesty. This will help more people than you know feel less shame and less confusion. Well done." Megan said: "This is the most heartbreaking story, I’m so sorry for the trauma you’ve faced again and again."

Beth added: "Anyone who doesn’t understand this headline, is fortunate not to have experienced birth trauma and/or NICU. My first son’s birth was the ‘worst’ day of my life.

"The hardest, scariest, most vulnerable, physically and mentally excruciating and the torment continued with a newborn intubated and sedated in NICU. He - and now my second son - is the best thing to ever happened to me, my absolute joy and the love of my life. Two things can be true simultaneously."