A stunning model, who's not shy about her disability, is reportedly the latest bombshell set to sizzle on Love Island.

With the hit ITV2 dating show returning for its sun-soaked 11th series in a mere fortnight, whispers of the cast line-up are swirling, and it seems the list has been revealed. Already causing a buzz are a hunky rugby player, a glamorous model, and a Liverpool-based makeup artist tipped to be joining the villa.

Now, it appears that London influencer Patsy Field, 29, is poised to grace the Mallorcan retreat. Patsy lives with Erb's palsy, which renders one arm shorter and less mobile than the other - a condition she attributes to natural delivery complications rather than a C-section at birth.

Taking to social media, Patsy has bravely shared her experiences with her followers. She confessed: "One thing you guys don't know about me is I have a disability. I have never spoken about it on here before because I am a bit self-conscious about it to be honest. Pretty much everyone says they don't notice it, or they have never noticed it before but once I tell you go back and look through my old videos, you'll be able to spot it," reports the Mirror.

Patsy Field
London influencer Patsy Field, 29, is poised to grace the Mallorcan retreat

Patsy, speaking candidly about her condition, has pointed the finger at the hospital where she was born for her disability. She expressed her frustration, saying: "I was a normal, happy, healthy baby in my mama's womb and the hospital f***ed up and gave me a disability, [redacted] hospital, you f***ers. I should have been a cesarean birth, but the midwife thought she could do it and she couldn't... I was such a big baby, I was almost 11lb, a normal baby is like 7lb."

Recounting the traumatic birth, Patsy revealed: "I got stuck coming out of my mum... and they're pulling and pulling and pulling and in the process of yanking me out, they have done some damage. They snapped the nerve that sends messages down from my brain down my spine to my right arm, messages are trying to send, and this computer says no."

Patsy Field
A gorgeous model, who speaks proudly about having a disability, is the fourth person rumoured to have signed up for Love Island

The NHS explains that Obstetric brachial plexus injury (OBPI/Erb's palsy) typically happens during challenging births, especially with larger babies, breech births, or extended labour.

Set to stir things up on Love Island, Patsy is expected to be a hit with her straightforward approach and her eagerness to bring attention to her condition. A source shared with the Mail: "Patsy is a brilliant signing for the show, she's hilarious so will definitely bring good vibes and positive energy. She has never let her disability define her but she's also excited for the opportunity to educate audiences who might not know about Erb's palsy because awareness is key."